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Torres Socks

Professional football socks, 100% custom made on order. We start from as low as 18 pairs in custom design!
Socks are made from mix of prolen polyester and lycra fabrics with cotton added to foot part for great fluid absorbing. Adding lycra to leg part of sock guarantees that socks are strong but elastic and breathable. Gumitex on stretched parts of sock guarantees perfect fitting.
Colours available: white, yellow, gold yellow, orange, fluorescent orange, light grey, charcoal grey, red, claret, amarant green, dark green, sky blue, royal blue, navy blue, brown, black.

Socks in custom design can be made on order. Ask about details.

Club crest, name or initials can be printed on socks without extra cost!

Poland crest printed on socks - example here. Other examples of printing available by e-mail. Please enquiry.


10-29 pairs 30-49 pairs 50+ pairs
27-31 (UK 9-13) €3.50 €3.20 P.O.A.
32-34 (UK 1-2) €3.50 €3.20 P.O.A.
35-37 (UK 2-4) €3.50 €3.20 P.O.A.
38-41 (UK 5-7) €3.80 €3.40 P.O.A.
42-44 (UK 8-11) €3.90 €3.50 P.O.A.
44-46 (UK 12-14) €3.90 €3.50 P.O.A.

Delivery - please enquiry.

Prices incl. 0% VAT (rate available for VAT registered clubs and companies within EU area and Norway).
Individuals - please add 22% (VAT rate) to the prices.

Ask about references!

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